Togafo Bridge in Ternate City, North Maluku Province

Even though most tourists are looking for beautiful natural attractions and historical sites when visiting Ternate Island, they should consider visiting some minor tourist attractions like Togafo Bridge located in Loto Village. Not only it functions to connect two locations, the bridge has become a new attraction for those who are visiting Ternate City these days. People drop by in the site in order to rest for a while before continuing their trip or conduct other activities like sightseeing and photography. Regardless of the motive, no one would regret visiting the site indeed.

The Nuance
In terms of size, Togafo Bridge is considered moderate but sturdy. It is well-built and offers a reassurance for those who either crossing or stopping by. The only disappointment is that some parts of the bridge become the medium of a vandalism which is an illegal graffiti. That means tourists may see several painted letters there. Despite the weakness, visitors won’t regret visiting the bridge during the vacation in Ternate. It is because the site offers an amazing panorama, including the view of Gamalama Mountain, lush coconut trees, and local farms.

Exploring Togafo Bridge
In a nutshell, Togafo Bridge has a similar function to other bridges which are to connect a location to another. However, some tourists have recognized its potential and take advantage of the bridge to rest for a while before continuing the trip. So, aside from resting, what can people do on site? Since the road can be so busy due to passing vehicles, tourists should be careful when walking on the bridge. That means they can’t carelessly explore the bridge! At least, they must use the sidewalk in order to avoid any vehicles.

It is true resting becomes the most common thing to do in Togafo Bridge. Still, other visitors conduct other fun activities like photography. It is because the bridge offers a stunning panorama on the horizon. This explains why the bridge often becomes the best spot to witness beautiful scenery of nature either in the morning or afternoon when the nuance is the best. As for the tip, everyone should carry a camera when visiting the bridge.

The next common activity to do in Togafo Bridge is to witness the sunset with the Gamalama Mountain in the background! The atmosphere becomes romantic due to the color of the orange sky, for sure. Well, make sure to come during good weather when there are no rain and thick clouds though.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
From Ternate City, tourists only need to take any local transportation service through Batu Angus Street. Their prime destination is indeed Loto Village where the bridge resides. The distance is 18.1 km, so the trip may take about 39 minutes. If they come using a private vehicle, it is important to park it in the nearby village before heading to the bridge. This way, they won’t disturb passing motorists or car drivers.

Where to Stay
Recommended hotels are located in Ternate City.

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