Thian Hou Kiong Pagoda in Central Ternate, North Maluku Province

Only some passionate travelers are aware of the presence of Thian Hou Kiong Pagoda in Ternate Island. Well, in fact, it is the only recognizable pagoda in the region both in terms of popularity and history. Therefore, tourists should not miss the chance to visit it. The location is in Central Ternate Sub-District and it resides in Gamalama Village. According to the locals, the pagoda has been there for about 400 hundreds of years ago. That means the building became the witness of the reign of Portuguese and Dutch in Ternate Island. Not to mention it had been through several natural disasters including the explosion of Gamalama Mountain and earthquakes.

The Nuance
In terms of age, Thian Hoi Kiong Pagoda is the oldest as compared to others (those that reside in Ternate Island). Just because it is old, doesn’t mean it looks fragile and bad. On the other hand, the structure is quite nice and it comes with a neat appearance. Thanks to the excellent government’s management. They even conducted a renovation in 2007 after the big explosion of the mountain. At the time, the pagoda was used as a shelter by the locals.

Exploring Thian Hou Kiong Pagoda
What tourists need to know regarding the pagoda is that it has become a prime worshipping place for Konghucu people. The next important information is related to the owners of the building, which are Sen Mu Niang-Niang and Thian Sang Sen Mu. People can take advantage of the help of a tour guide or the locals to get further information regarding such trivial things, actually. Have no worries. Even learning the history and facts about this historical building is worth the money.

It is true Thian Hou Kiong Pagoda is quite old, but the condition remains good and clean. No wonder, visitors would feel comfortable when spending some time at the pagoda. So, what about the history? According to the locals, the building has been there since 400 years ago. It is said the construction began in 1657 and it had undergone a reconstruction in 2007. Before the restoration of the pagoda, in fact, several people were against it. They said such effort may degrade the value and originality of the building.

These days, Thian Hou Kiong Pagoda has become a new tourist site for both locals and outsiders. These people come to the site in order to learn its history and enjoy photography. Thanks to the beautiful ornaments and unique design. Tourists can use it as a perfect background for their pictures, without a doubt.

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How to Get There
From Ternate City, travelers only need to take about 11 minutes to get to the pagoda as the distance is 3.5 km. It can even be faster if they take Hasan Esa Street. What they need to do is to get to Central Ternate Sub-District and reach Gamalama Village afterward. One thing, they should use only a good vehicle to get to the location.

Where to Stay

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