Kota Janji Fort in Ternate Island, North Maluku Province

Ternate Island indeed is famous for its beautiful beaches and other natural attractions. However, tourists should not overlook the presence of historical sites like Kota Janji Fort. The location is in Kalumata Village and it belongs to South Ternate Sub-District. Considering the location, it indeed resides near to another famous fort called Kalamata. Even though the shape is not the same as compared to before, it remains worthy to visit due to its history and serene nuance. This explains why many people take advantage of the site to enjoy photography and relaxation.

The Nuance
It is a little bit disappointing that Kota Janji Port has undergone several changes due to the age. In the past, this structure had a trapezoidal shape with the size of 20 x 20 meters. It resided in an area of about 2150 meters per square and looked so majestic. It has been there since the reign of the Portuguese during the colonial era, as well. Today, tourists can only see piles of various types of stones including andesite and coral reef. Inside, it is covered thoroughly by sand as well. Despite the condition, tourists can take advantage of the stairs to get to the top of the fort and witness beautiful panorama up there.

Exploring Kota Janji Fort
Even a trip to Kota Janji Fort is worth an experience. The location is in Laguna Village and it resides in Ngade Street, so the structure is quite noticeable. The fort resides at the height of 50 meters above the sea level and it features a comfy nuance too. Thus, once arriving at the site, tourists are able to witness beautiful scenery from the top of the fort. Have no worries. There are stairs for them to use to get to the best spot to enjoy sightseeing.

Well, regardless of the purpose of visiting Kota Janji Fort, tourists should consider hiring a local guide. This way, they can learn both the meaning of the name and history of the site. In terms of name, for example, the locals gave the name due to the fact that it became the place, where a truce between the governor of Portuguese and Sultan Khairun was made. “Janji” means a promise or agreement, after all.

In 2004, the local government reconstructed the fort in order to retain its history and beauty. Another reason is indeed to lure more tourists to visit the site. There is even a park surrounding the fort, creating a more beautiful and comfortable environment. No wonder, it helps tourists to capture more stunning pictures using their camera.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
The good thing is that Kota Janji Fort is located near to Ternate City, which is 2.7 km. That means a trip to the site may take about 7 minutes and it can even be faster if tourists take Santo Pedro Street. What they need to do is to head to South Ternate Sub-District first. Next, they can simply Kalumata Village where the fort resides.

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