Fitu Beach in South Ternate Sub-District, North Maluku Province

For those who live in Indonesia must have been familiar with national banknotes. In a thousand Rupiah, for instance, there is a picture of North Maluku’s Maitara Mountain and Tidore Mountain located next to each other. Well, what about seeing these mountains directly during holidays in Indonesia? In this case, the best destination is none other than Ternate’s Fitu Beach! It is located in Fitu Village and belongs to South Ternate Sub-District, actually. Seeing those mountains from a distance is one thing, but enjoying the nuance of the beach becomes another tourist’s significant reason to visit the site.

The Nuance
Even though some people may think that Fitu Beach is not as beautiful as other Ternate’s beaches, but it has a special panorama for tourists to enjoy. As mentioned before, it becomes the best place to witness the view of Tidore and Maitara Mountain on the horizon. Even the local fisherman boat can be seen clearly as well just like that of the thousand Rupiah banknote! Fitu also becomes the site where the locals work in a shipyard, so tourists can either witness or take pictures of the process.

Exploring Fitu Beach
When it comes to a vacation in Fitu Beach, tourists don’t have many things to do though. It is because, for example, the beach is not suitable for swimming. As an alternative, visitors can witness the locals working in the shipyard and learn a little bit about the procedure. Moreover, taking a picture is allowed as long as they do not cause a disturbance on site. It would be more convenient if they can talk the Indonesian Language in order to communicate with the locals. As an alternative, they can hire a local guide as the interpreter.

The next popular thing to do in Fitu Beach is none other than sightseeing. Thanks to the presence of Maitara and Tidore Mountain. Tourists can see these majestic mountains clearly from the beach. In order to get the best view, though, it is better to come during a good weather in order to avoid the fog and rain. Also, it is recommended to carry a camera so tourists can take some beautiful pictures of the panorama during the visit.

Another recommended thing to do in Fitu Beach is to drop by in nearby village. The location is not far from the beach, after all. The locals are friendly and they often offer free food to tourists. Once again, it is better if tourists are able to talk the Indonesian Language so they can get information from villagers easily. If they are lucky, they can ride the boat and explore the beach more comfortably!

Nearby Attractions

  • Ngade Lake
  • Cengkih Park

How to Get There
In order to get to Fitu Beach, tourists can take Kampus Unkhair Street and use a local transportation service for a trip of about 22 minutes. It is because the distance is 8.2 km. With such short trip and easy access, they don’t even need to hire a tour guide to get to the location.

Where to Stay

  • Ma’Rasai Villa
  • Ngade Guesthouse
  • Pantai Selatan Cottage

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