Naro Oti Dance of Ternate Island, North Maluku Province

What makes Ternate Island is worth a visit? This common question indeed is everyone’s mind, especially those who haven’t visited the island before. Well, there are many answers for this actually. For example, tourists can take advantage of beautiful local dances including the one called Naro Oti. In terms of name, “Noro” means to row and “Oti” means a fish hook. As tourists may expect, this Indonesian dance belongs to the local fishermen and functions either as an entertainment or socialization. These days, the dance even becomes another best allure in Ternate Island and it has attracted more tourists to come to the region.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, Naro Oti Dance is definitely fun or merry. It is because the dancers wear colorful attire and unique ornaments. As for the musicians who play the accompaniment, they use distinct attire though (white overall and a yellow cap called “surban”). When it comes to the number of the dancers, it is around 5-6 people. Another fact is that they are all male, including the musicians. The most interesting part is that the dancers conduct this performance outdoor near to the beach, as it represents the local fishermen’s way of living.

Exploring Naro Oti Dance
The first allure of Naro Oti Dance is the fact that it has a distinct meaning and purpose as compared to other traditional dances in Indonesia. As mentioned above, this one acts as a regular entertainment amongst the locals and a symbol of fishermen’s society. No wonder, the attire and accessories involve something related to fishermen’s equipment. Instead of being peculiar, this dance has turned into a unique show, especially for tourists.

The good thing is that everyone is allowed to watch the performance regardless of from where they come. Here is the most important thing. Tourists should have conducted a review regarding the schedule of the performance. Otherwise, they would miss the opportunity to watch the dance when visiting Ternate Island. Aside from the time, it is also important to gather information regarding the place where the dance is performed. Well, in this case, outsiders or tourists should consider hiring a guide or asking a tour agent beforehand regarding those matters.

Tourists should know other functions of Naro Oti Dance for the locals, though. Aside from being a local entertainment and a signature art performance of the fishermen society, the dance has been used by the locals when welcoming important guests like President, ambassadors, etc.

Other Attractions

  • Gamalama Mountain
  • Kedaton Palace
  • Tolire Lake
  • Kalamata Beach
  • Tolukko Fort

How to Get There
In order to enjoy the dance, tourists need to take advantage of an airplane to get to Ternate Island first. For those coming from Soekarno – Hatta International Airport, it takes about 3 hours and 50 minutes to get to Balbullah Airport located in Ternate City (the capital of North Maluku Province). Once arriving at the site, tourists can simply take any local transportation service to get to the nearby village in order to enjoy the dance. One thing, it requires a review regarding the schedule of the performance, though. Make sure to ask the tour agent beforehand.

Where to Stay

  • Grand Dafam Hotel
  • Muara Hotel
  • Grand Majang Hotel
  • Archie Hotel
  • Batik Hotel
  • Corner Palace Hotel

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