Ternate Wonder Island in South Ternate Sub-District, North Maluku Province

Just because Ternate Island is the home of historical forts and beautiful beaches, doesn’t mean it has no other nice places to enjoy a family recreation. Here is the example. Tourists may find Ternate Wonder Island in South Ternate Sub-District, which is a recommended water boom! To be exact, the location is in Kayu Merah Village and it is considered the most popular site for families with kids! The Indonesian locals keep coming with their children in order to give a happy experience to the kids, especially during weekends. Despite the fact, outsiders and foreigners are also seen there!

The Nuance
Here is the good news. Ternate Wonder Island is located quite near to Kalumata Fort, so tourists can explore these two attractive places at once during a vacation in Ternate City. Many types of water rides and pools are available for everyone to enjoy as well! According to the locals, the construction finished in 2013 and it has become the best place for a family recreation since then. In terms of size and nuance, the water boom is indeed quite satisfying. Tourists would feel satisfied with its reliable facilities as well, for sure.

Exploring Ternate Wonder Island
It is true the main purpose to visit Ternate Wonder Land is to swim or play water rides. Fortunately, the site provides satisfying facilities for tourists to use. The most popular one perhaps is the currents pool. As the name suggests, people can either swim or ride a buoy in the pool that features comfy waves. Have no worries. The currents are considered safe for everyone, including kids. Still, parents should supervise their children when using the facility.

For a safer option, there is the kiddy pool featuring water house and other fun water rides. As people may expect, this facility is safer due to the shallowness of the pool. So, parents can let their kids playing freely there. Located near to it, there is the landing pool which is the best choice for relaxation. Well, for those who look for a more challenging experience, they can ride the water slides including race and spiral open body slide! Have no worries. These slides are safe, so both adults and kids can get the fun without any worries.

What is more? Parents can take advantage of gazebos while supervising their kids, actually. There are many of them, so tourists do not need to queue in order to use the gazebo. Another impressive thing regarding Ternate Wonder Land is that it features many facilities including a food court, a small mosque, toilets, etc. What a great place to spend a holiday with families! Don’t you agree?

Nearby Attractions

  • Kalamata Fort
  • Makugawene Monument
  • Kota Janji Fort

How to Get There
From Ternate City, it takes only 5 minutes to reach Ternate Wonder Island! No wonder, the distance is only 1.5 km, so everyone can get to the site without hassles. For the best trip experience, though, it is recommended to take Jeruk Street.

Where to Stay

  • G Hotel
  • Ayu Lestari
  • Bukit Pelangi Hotel

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