Sunyie Parada Park in Central Ternate Sub-District, North Maluku Province

Several beautiful and serene parks reside in Ternate Island. One of them is called Sunyie Parade Park and it is located in Central Ternate Sub-District. To be exact, the location is in Santiong Village. Also, it resides behind the famous Oranje Fort. That means tourists can get to those places at once during the visit. So, what is it about? This Indonesia’s park is known for its good atmosphere and it is suitable for exercising! This explains why many locals also call it the fitness park. The local government decided to build the park to satisfy tourists after all.

The Nuance
Being a public place, Sunyie Parada Park has become locals’ favorite spot to gather with families or friends in the afternoon. They want to feel the refreshing air and soothing nuance of the site after all. These people also take advantage of several facilities like benches and kids rides to enhance their experience. The good thing is that many big trees grow on the site and the location is quite neat. Not to mention it resides on the roadside, so everyone can notice and get to the park easily. Here is another fact. The local government has assigned some people to take care of the site in order to keep it clean and neat.

Exploring Sunyie Parada Park
Thanks to the local government. They decided to build Sunyie Parada Park in order to accommodate both citizens and tourists, especially in terms of a place for relaxation. It is true the main function of this park is to be a place for lessening. However, this park is famous for its fitness facility. Several tools are available for visitors to use, in fact. No wonder, most visitors are those who want to exercise either in the morning or afternoon.

These days, the locals have taken advantage of the park as the place for exercising without a doubt. The good news is that the local government is planning to add more fitness facilities or tools to the site, so the park is able to accommodate more people who want to use the equipment. The fact is that both kids and adults are allowed to use the facilities as long as they won’t act carelessly.

Here is the good thing about Sunyie Parada Park. The Indonesian local government has assigned some people to guard and take care of the park, so tourists are able to enjoy many types of activities comfortably there. Recently, there is a rule regarding who can use the equipment. It is said only adults have the access to the equipment. That means kids should do other activities (which are safer) like jogging and yoga!

Nearby Attractions

  • Oranje Fort
  • Gamalama Market
  • Kedaton Palace
  • Thian Hou Kiong Pagoda

How to Get There
For those coming from Ternate City, they can take any local transportation service and head to Central Ternate Sub-District right away. Next, they only need to reach Santiong Village where the park resides. The whole trip only takes about 11 minutes as the distance is 3.6 km. For the best trip, it is recommended to take Yos Sudarso Street actually.

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