Sulamadaha Beach in Ternate City, North Maluku

When people think about Ternate’s Beaches, they may think about Sulamadaha Beach. It is not without a reason, indeed. This Indonesia beach is considered the most beautiful as compared to others due to its clarity and the high number of natural attractions located on site. No wonder, it has become the most famous beach in the region and has been visited over time by tourists, including the locals and outsiders. These days, even foreigners are seen on the location as they have acknowledged its beauty! Overall, people come to this beach in order to enjoy sightseeing, photography, relaxation, boat riding, and swimming.

The Nuance
Tourists can see the beauty of Sulamdaha Beach right away once they arrive at the entrance. From the parking area, they should walk for several minutes to reach the site. At the entrance, several food vendors reside so visitors can take their time to eat some foods before exploring the beach. The presence of colorful benches makes this spot more comfortable for relaxing, without a doubt. When it comes to the nuance of the beach, it features exotic black sand and coral reefs that surround the shore. Once again, the sea looks so clear and stunning!

Exploring Sulamadaha Beach
Once arriving at the site, tourists may see the expanse of black sand forming the U-shape and features the background of Hiri Island! This amusing panorama indeed may leave them in awe at once. Not to mention the waves look calm, looking like a beautiful oasis! The best feature of the site perhaps is the breezy warm wind that soothes visitors. No wonder, the beach often becomes a place to get rid of stresses and burden caused by hectic daily life.

For those who visit Sulamadaha Beach, it is recommended to explore the site thoroughly. It involves an exploration through surrounding cliffs where a footpath resides. Following this path, tourists may reach other beautiful spots to conduct photography and sightseeing. Perhaps the best spot is where the lagoon resides, which takes about 10 minutes of walking. At this place, the water is the clearest and it is suitable for swimming! Even corals are seen clearly from the land, so tourists do not need to dive into the water to watch those majestic marine objects.

During holidays, Sulamadaha Beach has more visitors so the nuance becomes merrier. These people usually conduct fun activities like snorkeling, swimming, and family recreation actually. Here is the good news. Some food vendors are available and these are managed by the locals. That means visitors can easily buy some foods and eat these while watching sea scenery. Isn’t that great?

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How to Get There
From Ternate City, a trip to Sulamadaha Beach may take around 36 minutes as the distance is 15 km. That means the beach is quite accessible, so tourists do not need to hire a local guide to get to the location. What they need to do is to use Batu Angus Street to get there faster. Once arriving at Sulamadaha Village, they should park the vehicle and walk to the location for several minutes.

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