Ngade Lake in Ternate City, North Maluku Province

Ternate Island is known for its grandiose volcano called Gamalama and several beautiful beaches that scatter all over it. Well, it is also the home of a famous lake called Ngade actually. The location is in Ngade Village and it has been visited by locals and outsiders due to its serenity. Not only visitors are interested in its beauty, but they also want to learn the history of the lake. For others, this Indonesia’s lake becomes a nice place to enjoy photography and sightseeing. Even the nuance is suitable for relaxation.

The Nuance
Ngade Lake looks like a lagoon and it resides near to the sea! No wonder, it features an amazing panorama and sea scenery as well. Some people may think that the lake has salty water due to the location which is near to the sea, no? Don’t get wrong as the water is fresh! The locals even take advantage of the lake to cultivate some species of fishes including carps and tilapias. Moreover, the lake has a significant role as a source of irrigation. Not to mention it becomes a new attraction for tourists who are visiting Ternate Island.

Exploring Ngade Lake
Not only Ngade Lake offers a stunning panorama, but it also has an important role especially towards those who live nearby. As for tourists, they have the opportunity to watch and learn how to cultivate local fishes. It is even possible to enjoy fishing, as long as they have prepared the fishing rod beforehand. Usually, it costs nothing to enjoy the activity but it is recommended to give some money to the keeper. These people are going to use the money for taking care of the environment, after all.

The next allure of Ngade Lake is the unspoiled nature, which is suitable for relaxation. It is because the locals manage it well and give sanctions to those who spoil the nature including littering. Due to the serenity of the atmosphere, both locals and outsiders often take advantage of the lake to eradicate stresses and get rid of boredom. Here is the good thing. Nearby villagers have built a resting place located on the highland. That means tourists can use it for relaxing while watching lake scenery.

What is more? Ngade Lake is also famous for its floating eateries, where tourists can eat while watching the scenery. The main menu is none other than freshwater fish, so the guests should expect either tilapias or carps there. These foods include local spices and a signature sauce called Dabu-Dabu. The best thing is that the price is quite affordable, so everyone is able to enjoy the foods without spending too much money.

Nearby Attractions

  • Fitu Beach
  • Makugawene Monument

How to Get There
From Ternate City, a trip to Ngade Lake may take only 11 minutes as the distance is 4.4 km. For a more comfortable and faster trip, tourists need to choose the best route though. It is Santo Pedro and Batu Angus Street, for the information.

Where to Stay

  • Ngade Guesthouse
  • Ma’Rasai Villa
  • Pantai Selatan Cottage

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